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    Protect Your Identity
    Help! I think my identity has been stolen!
    Place a fraud alert with the credit reporting bureaus
    Equifax: 1-800-525-6285
    Experian: 1-888-397-3742
    TransUnion: 1-800-680-7289
    Click here to view a copy of the FTC’s Taking Charge checklist to learn what to do if you suspect identity theft
    Visit ftc.gov/idtheft to access the FTC’s Identity Theft Resources website
    Avoid ID Theft: Deter, Detect, Defend.
    The Federal Trade Commission (ftc.gov) provides useful information about various aspects of identity theft on their web site such as:
    What identity theft means & how it can occur
    How to find out if your identity was stolen
    What to do if your identity is stolen
    How to protect yourself from identity theft
    How to file a complaint with the FTC
    Visit the FTC’s Website to learn more.
    Protect Your Identity
    Identity theft can cause more headache than you may realize. In fact, it can make it hard for you to put utilities in your name, get a job, rent an apartment, and more! It’s never too late to change your habits to protect yourself from identity theft. Learn more at consumer.gov, a website sponsored by the Federal Trade Commission.
    Keep your financial records, Social Security and Medicare cards in a safe place
    Shred papers and solicitations that have your account number, personal, or medical information listed
    Take mail out of your mailbox as soon as you can
    Only give your Social Security Number if you must, ask if you can use another kind of identification
    Never give your financial or personal information to someone who calls or emails you
    Watch your bills and account statements for transactions that were not done by you
    Some other good resources related to Fraud and ID Theft
    Visit Mastercard for more information.
    IC3 partners with the FBI and NW3C (National White Collar Crime Center) to allow online complaint/investigation
    AARP Scam/Fraud page also has lots of helpful resources
    AARP Scam-Fraud Page
    Mastercard provides U.S. cardholders with services to help detect and resolve identity theft at no extra cost.
    Visit Mastercard for more information
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