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    Motor Club of the usa (MCA) is inside the auto club membership benefits industry who offers an associate referral program with a lucrative pay plan. MCA will not charge anyone a fee in order to become an associate. When a person purchases the MCA Total Security Member Benefits package the will prepay for just two months at $19.95 that’s about $40 and so the cost for your remaining Total Security Member Benefits package is $19.95 each month. The sole cost associated with transforming into a member.

    When a MCA member tells someone regarding the membership benefits package and they also register as a member, Motor Club of the usa pays the member/associate $80 which is double. For instance, every time a MCA member tells someone and the person becomes a member and purchases the MCA Total Security Plan paying $40 the MCA member who referred the newest member will receive an inspection from MCA for $80 in the following week in the mail (UPS).

    I used your time to clarify this for you so that you can would know that although people are pumped up about the referral program you need to that you will be receiving real motor club benefits once you become a member. You had been brought to this page for 1 of 3 reasons. #1 to become part of Motor Club of America. #2 to understand Motor Club of America’s referral fee they pay members (associates). #3 to become member and create money with Motor Club of America.

    What makes we doing this? Its really quite simple. I’m a positive person, but these days its hard to find a in their free time job let alone a time consuming task. Many individuals are already downsized so they really are not earning the things they use to earn and admittedly its hurting their livelihood. Pupils have difficulty finding part-time work as the adults who’ve been unemployed are filling those positions now. Caregivers are in the sandwich generation meaning they’re raising children and caring for parents and so the financial strain gets the best. Folks are at the age of retirement of 60 to 65 and they do not have sufficient money to retire.

    You will get the photo. What we should have inked is is a company that provides a valuable service and who pay their members to touch on others. Motor Club of America mail out checks every Friday on their members that have referred new people. Its a pointer that everyday people recognize that its a pointer to earn an income to provide over the paycheck to paycheck living.

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